1. PV solar plant

Photovoltaics is widely used from simple household items to complex industrial objects. PV solar plants — power stations that directly transform sunlight into electricity which is then fed into the grid.

PV solar plant is distinguished from other similar power stations by two main features:

  • PV solar plants use photo-effect directly, and do not rely on any additional processes or devices (such as warming up the heat-carrying agent, like water in the case of solar thermal plants);
  • PV solar plants do not concentrate energy, they transmit it to the grid.

Any PV solar plant has the following…

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

“What happens when the curtains are down?”

“People leave.”

“All of them?”

“The actors stay.”

“Yes, and do you know why?”

“Because they have to do everything all over again for a new set of audience.”

“Yes. People come and go. But what happens when the curtains are down is all that matters.”

What happens when the curtains are down?”

“You stop acting and be you in front of people who do not leave.”

“Do you think they do not leave because they are bound by duty?”

“Yes, or for the love of art.”

“And what is art for you?”

“Something that captivates your imagination and releases all your negativity. Someone that you can watch, feel, and admire with all your heart all the time.”

“Okay, Miss Artist!”

“Can I call you my art?”


The spectrum of job titles or positions for working professionals keeps increasing on a daily basis. Many organizations describe more or less the same responsibilities disparately. The social media of working professionals, LinkedIn can be used to go through such extensive individual summaries. LinkedIn is home to many job seekers and employers alike. LinkedIn summaries act as the first interaction between the applicant and employer. Furthermore, the app also uses the same along with many other parameters to suggest job openings. …

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